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  • What is an online auction?

    An auction that takes place on the site according to the mechanisms of the online auction

  • How do I bid?

    You have to register on the website and wait for the account to be enabled, then you will be able to bid on any auction.

  • What is the difference between an Individual and Multiple Lot?

    An auction lots’ list may present individual and multiple lots. An individual lot is unique, once sold you cannot buy more equal. Multiple lots usually are product stocks, you can buy more than one without necessarily participate in further auctions.

  • Who can participate in the auctions?

    Everyone can register on Real Estate Discount, both privates and companies. Just indicate your tax code and / or VAT code (for UE).


  • Why can not I access my account?

    Sometimes there is a mistake in typing the password or the email address. Try to re-type the password or the email paying attention to spaces.

  • Can I change my contact details?

    At any time you can change your login information and your personal data. Once logged in, simply click on the menu "Your Details" at the top right and go to "Edit Profile". Remember that the company’s name participating in the auction will be the company to which the invoice will be issued.

  • Can I cancel my account?

    Simply contact our customer service and we will be happy to customize, modify or cancel your account at any time.

  • How do I bid?

    Everything you need is an internet connection and follow these simple steps: 1.Find your article
    From the homepage or among the results of your search, click on the lot you are interested in. The next page displays the section where to submit your offer. Enter the amount without commas or points.

    2.Accept our terms
    The very first time you are bidding, you need to agree to the terms and conditions specific to the sale. You do not have to repeat the process over the next 24 hours if you choose to bid on articles belonging to other auctions.

    3.Submit your offer
    Once you enter the digit without dots or commas press "Bid now". You will be asked to confirm your bid. A notice informs you if the process is unsuccessful. IMPORTANT: If you do not see the green confirmation message on the top right of the page or you do not receive the confirmation email, the offer has not been properly submitted. If this is your case please repeat the process, making sure to:
    1. respect the minimum raise
    2. enter the amount with no points or commas
    3. have enough time to place a bid.

    Remember that if you enter a bid during the last 2 minutes, the timer will update for 2 minutes more. To understand the function read below "The 2 minute rule."

  • Can I pay for all items won only after inspectioning them?

    The offer is MANDATORY, it must be paid once the auction closes.

  • Is it possible to view all items before you bid?

    Basically Real Estate Discount do not program visits on spot, but in case you require further information you can always contact the agent of the lot (you can find their phone number and email on the auction page itself). We will be happy to help you as much as we can.

  • When pictures and descriptions are a little ambiguous, which should I trust more: pictures or descriptions?

    Real Estate Discount tries to provide as much detailed descriptions and photos as possible, however, for any doubt it is always advisable to contact the agent way ahead before the auction. Real Estate Discount is not legally responsible for failures, defects or damages occurred on lots during the auction.

  • How do I bid?

    Go to the lot page and you will be able to place a bid . In case of difficulty, please contact our customer service.

  • What is a Proxy Bid?

    The Proxy Bid is an automatic bidding system. Basically it submits offers for you. All you have to set is the maximum price you are willing to pay for that lot. You can get away from your desk, go out, have a coffee and care for other matters. Your proxy Bid will do the job. In fact, every time your opponent is overbidding your last bid, the system will respond automatically until the maximum amount you set. You will receive an email alert each time your Proxy Bid is bidding.

    If your bid is not overbid, however, your Proxy Bid does not react. In this case you can win the article at the value set in the static offer.
    Terms of Use Proxy Bid
    • You can schedule a Proxy Bid for as many products as you like;
    • The minimum value of the proxy bid must be at least the value of the lot increased by the minimum raise: In other words, if a lot’s starting price is 100 and minimum raise is 10, the minimum value of Proxy Bid I can set is 110.

  • What is the 2 minute rule and why does Real Estate Discount use it?

    It works this way: If a bidder submit a bid 2 minutes to the end of the auction, the timer refreshes for 2 minutes more. The timer will refresh again and again until there are no more bids in the last 2 minutes. In this way the winner will not be the one with the fastest connection or the more efficient computer, but the highest bidder.

  • When an auction can be considered closed?

    Auctions shall terminate when the countdown ends with 00:00:00 and when AUCTION CLOSED appears on the website. If bids are submitted during the last 2 minutes the timer is automatically extended for another 2 minutes. This process will be repeated until no bidders will bid in the last 2 minutes. This is why you do NOT need to wait until the last second to place your bid.

  • How can I delete a bid?

    Unfortunately once confirmed you cannot delete or withdraw an offer. If you wrongly typed it please contact our staff within 10 minutes from the bid’s submit. We will try to fix it at best.

  • How can I delete a Proxy Bid set incorrectly?

    Once you click on the "Bid now" button you will find your proxy bid has already been saved in the field below your bid. Near it you will find the button in the shape of an "X" to delete it immediately.

  • Why can not I bid?

    Check that you have followed these steps:
    - Make sure you are correctly logged to the website with your email address and your password.
    - Do not insert digits with dots or commas.
    - Check that you have accepted the terms and conditions of payment.
    - Make sure your bid is not immediately overbid by the proxy bid of your opponent.
    - If you still can not bid please LOGOUT and LOGIN again.
    - If you still do not see the orange button, or you can not place a bid it’s possible that your network Firewall prevents these actions. Please contact your IT department or our customer service immediately.

  • How can I bid for more than one lot simultaneously?

    The solution is NOT login with the same account on more computers. The solution is USE YOUR WATCH LIST. As a matter of fact, from your watch list page you can simultaneously follow numerous lots and biddings. You can check the progress of the auction and be alerted of any raise.

  • What are the tips for a winning bid?

    to win a lot on Real Estate Discount there is not a precise strategy but here are some good suggestions that can help you:

    1. Monitor your competitors:
    try to understand your outbidders strategies and intentions through the Bidding History: try to understand if there are proxy bids set on the lot or just standard bids.
    2. Study closed auction:
    Observe how users have bid upon closed lots, how many bids a lot has collected and in which time lapse.
    3. Use your Proxy Bid:
    It can help you in discouraging your competitor and help you win the lot.
    4. Be positive and quick:
    It is not important to submit an offer in the last second with Real Estate Discount’s system, but it’s important not to waste precious time in deciding what to bid on or how much to spend. Please do all your considerations before starting bidding.
    5. Use your watch list:
    It’s your personal list of lots. You’ll find the lots you have bid on that are currently on auction and the lots from previous auctions. You can follow and bid on several lots either from the same auction or different auctions at the same time, without opening new pages or windows in your browser.

Payment and withdrawal

  • Where can I find confirmation of purchase?

    After the end of the auction, you’ll find the lot in the “Won lots” or “Lost lots”. You’ll find them divided by result. Payment details are partially described on the website but for security reasons you will receive the complete payment indications by email along with the payment notes.

  • How can I make the payment for an individual lot?

    You can pay with any credit or debit card directly from our website. Please go to “Pay now” page (from your won lots pages) . Our site allows an immediate payment through “Sella Bank”, a bank specialized in online payments, which provides a secure and encrypted system for transactions by credit cards. Once the auction ended, payment may be made immediately, and you can choose to include or not the cost of shipping in the final amount. Once the lot is paid it will be shipped within 48 hours.

  • How can I make a payment for a Multiple Lot?

    You can pay with any credit or debit card directly from our website. Please go to “Pay now” page (from your won lots pages) . Our site allows an immediate payment through “Sella Bank”, a bank specialized in online payments, which provides a secure and encrypted system for transactions by credit cards. Once the auction ended, payment may be made immediately, and you can decide to buy more than one lot at the same time at the same winning price, without having to participate in a further auction. For example, if you've won a Multiple Lot for 200 Euros, you can purchase a second equal lot at 200 euros more, 400 Euros in total. You may also choose to include or not include the cost of shipping in the final amount. Once the lot is paid it will be shipped within 48 hours.

  • How can I pay?

    Payment must be made by credit card directly from our website. Sella Bank accepts any credit card, debit card and Postepay card.

  • I do not own a credit card, can I pay in another way?

    Real Estate Discount puts back at auction lots that are not paid within 72 hours. If you do not have a credit card you can pay by wire transfer but in this case it is necessary to be extremely punctual. In the “Pay now” page please tick the Wire Transfer Option. You will be sent a mail giving you instructions on how to complete the payment. Please do the wire transfer within 72 hours and send us the bank swift to our email addresses. Only once we have received the bank draft we can assign you a lot.

  • How does collection works?

    At checkout you can choose to get the items delivered at home by including the costs of shipping to your final amount. BRT Courier Express delivers all over Italy, Europe (via Euroexpress) and the rest of the world (via Fedex). Once the payment is done, lots are shipped to the indicated address within 48 hours. Alternatively you can choose to personally collect the goods or send your courier from our storehouse within 3 days.

  • What are the additional costs?

    All prices are inclusive of VAT. Upon payment Winners can choose to add the cost of shipping.

  • Can I ask for the VAT exemption?

    Before making the payment please contact our customer service and inform the staff of your request. We will be happy to help you in any situation.

  • Are there payment due terms?

    Each auction requires immediate payment within 72 hours via credit card. If payment is not received by due terms lots get back to auction and your account gets banned.

  • Are there deadlines for withdrawal or shipping?

    If you paid for shipping, the lot will be shipped within 48 working hours since your payment. If you have decided to personally collect the lot, the it must be made within 3 days. Otherwise, lots get back to auction and your account gets banned.

  • What kind of safety does the website of the Real Estate Discount provides for on line payments?

    Real Estate Discount offers its users the possibility to use the circuit of Sella Bank or Paypal to complete payments. The online payment systems are accessible and protected by very strict protocols, data is encrypted and absolutely impossible to trace. For further information please consult the website of

  • I can not pay with my credit card, why?

    There are several cases in which consent to the transaction is denied. We recommend you to check that your card is enabled for online payments and that you have set and entered all the secret codes required. If the error persists, you must call your credit card customer service, NOT your bank.

Can I request a refund for a product...

  • Real Estate Discount offers a warranty on the products sold?

    All items at auction on our website feature the prices of bankruptcies Expertise and have clear cost reductions compared to the market price. If products are defective or in bad conditions this is always indicated. In spite of this, Real Estate Discount can not provide any direct guarantee on articles. Lots are sold AS IS, so we recommend you to call our staff and agents to ask questions before bidding.

  • Can I request for a refund on a product that I have won and I want to return?

    The winner of an auction that has already paid for the item can not be refunded.

Export abroad

  • If the articles must be exported abroad, do I have to pay VAT taxes?

    In case of private clients VAT is charged according to the Italian tax legislation in force at the time of payment. In case of a company VAT may be exempted. You will still need to submit proof of exportation (a delivery document signed and faxed by a foreign telephone number when exporting to EEC countries, or DAE in the case of exportations to countries outside the EU).

  • What happens if I buy VAT-free and decide afterwards not to export?

    Real Estate Discount will claim for the balance of VAT.


Download the user manual in order to participate in auctions according to Ministerial Decree 32/2015